Greater Pittsburgh USBC BA


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On, June 23, 2018, a meeting will be held at North Versailles Bowling Center, 356 Lincoln Highway, North Versailles at 1pm.                                                                  

An election will be held to form a new bowling association. This association will be known as the Greater Pittsburgh USBC and be a Merged Association.

The new association will operate under the same confines as the current Greater Pittsburgh USBC BA, Pittsburgh USBC WBA and Greater Pittsburgh Youth.
This  meeting  is open to all 2017-18 card carrying USBC members of the Greater Pittsburgh USBC BA, Pittsburgh USBC WBA and Greater Pittsburgh Youth.

Please RSVP by contacting the Bowling Office at 412.824.4850 or 4851.  If no answer please lease a message.  Deadline for reservation is June 16th.  We need a count to order food for the meeting.

Any and all certified bowlers who wish to serve on the new board will be required to submit application(s) for this new association. 

The new Association will begin operations on August 1, 2018.


We are currently looking for members who are interested in having their voice heard and help shape the direction of the sport of bowling in the Greater Pittsburgh Region.

If you ever thought about assisting with the operations and marketing side of bowling, now is your chance.

Applications are being accepted for review by our Nominating Committee. The deadline to return the completed applications to be slated for election is June 16, 2018. There are going to be 20 Director seats up for election (10 seats for a 2 year term & 10 seats for a 1yr term) and 5 Youth Director seats up for election (3 seats for 2 year term,and 2 sears for one year term)with terms starting August 1, 2018.

To be a Director, the main qualification is that you are a member of Greater PA USBC BA, Pittsburgh USBC WBA or Greater Pittsburgh USBC youth (14yrs+)  and have a willingness to volunteer your time for our membership and bowling centers

You can download the application to be one of our Directors or Youth Directors here

If you want to join our group of volunteers and help shape the direction of the sport of bowling in Pittsburgh and surrounding areas, please consider joining us.

Once you have complete the application, you can mail to:

       Patricia Niemic (Non-Voting Member of Committee)

Nominating Committee Chair

4821 Kinley Ave

Pittsburgh, PA 15207